Drawing with one pencil is sometimes difficult enough but with this workout we are going to add some more "weight" and add a second pencil!

The Workout

The goal here is to have each pencil simultaneously touch the paper. This may take a bit of practice to hold the pencils just right, so grab a piece of scrap paper and give it a go, adjusting your grip accordingly, (we'll call this part of the workout "stretching").

Once you feel your confidence rise, shift you gaze onto the object you will be drawing. Locate the starting point, (the area of the object that most interests you) and begin drawing.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Try to keep both pencils on the page most of the time. When you pick of your pencil you may have a bit more difficulty finding where to continue.
  • If you do make a mistake try to push through it and keep going. Remember this is a workout, not a performance. The goal is to maintain focus and work through the process. It's not always about the product. If you do not get the results you desire immediately, keep trying!
  • Have fun! Enjoy your marks and the interesting results you achieve. Speak positively to yourself. Invite onlookers to join you and if you have never done this before be kind to yourself! 
  • Variations: Try two pencils of different hardness grades such as a 2B and a 2H. Or, try using two different colored pencils. 

Share your results on Instagram using #drawfittwopencils


  • An object to observe and draw
  • Two well-sharpened drawing pencils or colored pencils
  • Sketchbook or other drawing paper