Those that have abandoned drawing often have such bad experiences that the mere thought of drawing becomes paralyzing. Here is another workout that interrupts the pencil to paper routine. Often it simply is just a matter or changing the media. I've observed students happily draw on the dry erase board, but complain when its time to draw in their sketchbook. Drawing doesn't need to simply be confined to a pencil. Here we explore drawing with bamboo skewers! 

The Workout

With this workout you will need to obtain two materials: Bamboo skewers, which can be purchased at your local grocery store, and a bottle of India Ink, found at most art supply stores. 

You don't necessarily need to have something observational to draw. This workout is really about making marks. If you haven't already, look ahead at Workout #11, Sarah Simblet speaks about drawing from within, as if letting out a breath, drawing an emotion. 

Dip the bamboo skewer in the ink until saturated and immediately begin making marks on your paper. There is no pressure on what to do, no pressure of making you marks look right. You can play some music and make marks that are inspired by the sounds you hears. Draw quickly, draw slowly. See how long you can draw for without having to dip the bamboo skewer back in the ink. Draw with the tip of the skewer, the side of the skewer. Draw with two skewers at the same time! (does that remind you of another Workout?). 

When you are finished create another or use color pencils to fill in areas of interest. I'm purposefully not showing you any examples as I want your marks and ideas to come from uniquely YOU! 

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  • Bamboo skewers
  • India ink
  • Drawing papers, or sketchbook
  • Colored Pencils