The hand is often the most dismissed part of the body when drawing. We turn them into handy little mittens or hide them behind something when they are "too hard to draw!"

Well, DrawFIT thinks otherwise and with this workout we will be looking closely at the hand. This workout MUST be done daily to show results. Even if just for 5 minutes a day. Can't find your sketchbook close by? I often sketch on post-it notes or any scraps of paper I find. 

The Workout

Place in your non-dominant hand a pencil, twig, stick, paintbrush or anything that will provide you with a reference to compare the parts of the hand. Your hand can hold the pencil, as if it is drawing, or in any other position that most interests you (be sure you can see all fingers and thumb). Now look. Look at your hand and study its position for at least 1-2 minutes without drawing. This is a very important step. Close your eyes and see your hand in your mind's eye. 

You will first draw the item your hand is holding. If it is a pencil, draw the entire pencil. After that, study your hand for shapes that most interest you. Close one eye if that helps flatten the dimension of your hand. Begin drawing any fingers that have a relationship with the object. 

If you refer to the quick sketches I provided below, you will see that the index finger was drawn first and then the thumb and middle finger as they all have a relationship with the pencil. As you draw, know that all your fingers have a relationship with not only the pencil, but also with each other, AND with the negative shapes that are created between and because of the placement of the fingers. Ask yourself questions as you draw. How does this shape compare with that shape? Does this line go horizontal or on a diagonal, and if so, what is the angle of that diagonal? Try not to speak to yourself with the names of the fingers. The more you say the word, the more your brain will want to quickly, logically draw the symbol you have stored for a finger. 

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Take a look at the Pinterest board that I have created for even more references for drawing hands. 

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  • Your hand!
  • Drawing Pencils
  • Something to hold, preferably another pencil or simple-shaped object
  • Colored Pencils