Two pencils are better than one

glass artist, dale chihuly

I'm always seeking out new ways to interrupt the way students think about and approach drawing. Whenever I can level the playing field and make us all feel uncomfortable and silly seem to be the days we have the most fun in the art room! 

I believe in warming up before doing any extended drawing project. So, when students arrive I like to have a mini warmup to raise their confidence and prepare their hands and minds for drawing. This warmup was a crowd pleaser for all!

30 X 22"

I often observe students (especially the younger ones) taking more than one colored pencil to create a multi-colored look in their drawings. The glass artist Dale Chihuly would often used handfuls of colored pencils to create his drawings prior to creating the glass forms. 

So, today I gave each student TWO well-sharpened pencils. We used a plaster head of David as our observational object. Before we got started each student practiced holding the pencils together so each pencil point made a mark at the same time.  Some students chose to tape theirs together. After practicing on some scrap paper students soon became confident and started on their own drawing. I noticed they drew much more slowly and had to really focus on the object they were drawing. YES! There were some grumbles and start overs but overall students had great fun challenging themselves with a new drawing workout that they knew everyone in the class was a novice at! 

This activity inspired Drawing Workout #2