DrawFIT believes that to improve your drawings you must practice, daily. The benefits of daily exercise are obvious. The more you work out, the better you feel. If you stop, even for a week, the effect is noticeable upon the next workout. The activity of drawing is quite similar. 

Have you ever been exhausted by watching a small child and wonder if you could have just a bit of their energy? Children naturally weave exercise into everything they do. Most young children also freely approach the activity of drawing and infuse it throughout their day with joy and freedom. Like the cavemen and women, children use drawing as one of the first methods of communication and their drawings improve with time and practice. 

And then it happens. Someone may comment on a drawing not looking realistic or there is frustration with drawing realistically. Coupled with the ideas that the ability to draw well is a gift we are bestowed with upon birth, and that drawing is not always important to professional success, the act of drawing is pushed aside. We grow, mature, and learn many new skills, all of which are learned with a great deal of practice and repetition.

Has your ability to draw remained stagnant, abandoned at the age you or someone else determined you were not good? Because this skill has never been trained it has remained right where you left it. Fearful of what others would think, you dismiss the value of drawing and deem yourself “one who can’t draw”. 

Enter DrawFIT. The workouts are presented as small, friendly activities. YOU determine how many you do and how long you take with each workout. What is important is that you workout consistently and within the scope of the workout.